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MURAM'S 2024 Message

MURAM'S 2024 Message

Channeled on January 5th 2024

Numerology-wise this is the year of the number 8 and in the laying position it represents the symbol of INFINITY. This is the overall universal energy for this year, a powerful spiritual awakening energy that is emitted to your planet.

The energy supports that more and more people become aware that the life force they represent will live on forever, that life is infinite. An opportunity to see the natural cycle of life and death from a higher perspective, especially for the ones who still believe that their current life is the one and only and death is an end to their existence…

Use these tools:

- In a meditative state and also before sleep repeat this sentence in your mind, “I am Life forever”.

By chanting AUM you connect with the infinity energy, do it quite regularly.

- Fire breathing
is supportive as an emotional detox tool.
It enables you to let go of any stored frustration/anger energy.

Have an image of the Infinity symbol in your home and gaze at it now and again.



If you use meat in your diet, eat small amounts only as its vibration is quite dense. Many people believe their bodies need to be sturdy in order to feel grounded and strong. This is not compatible with the new energy; better to practice the Mother Earth Meditation now and again in order to feel truly grounded. 

Feed your body basically with easy-to-digest light foods. Your physical vehicle is then also open to absorb the infinite energy, helping to free up stored fear of death vibration in the cells.

Any products produced from the sunflower is very good nutrition throughout this year.
If you like to use the oil as well, make sure it’s organic and cold pressed. Refrain from using it as cooking oil as it will produce then some toxicity.
The nutrition from a variety of nuts and seeds is helpful so that the mind does not step into fear vibration so easily.


Everything what has been lingering as unresolved issues, conflicts between nations will rise now fully to the surface. It has to happen and you can see it as a cleansing process, a global detox.

In some personnel relationships the conflicting energies also have to come to the surface first before the infinity energy can have its influence. As it is the predominant energy it has the ability to bring deeper sense of understanding and also acceptance between people in any kind of relationship, a harmonising effect.

The new energy here is also a counter measure for people not to fall into despair by witnessing the increasing conflicts on the planet. Besides plenty of turmoil you will also experience long stretches of very calm energy.

The whole Middle East is now in the foreground as a major conflict area. Centuries-old religious tensions are coming fully to the surface, leading to several armed conflicts which will be exploited by the Elites in power.

The background needing to be understood is that the whole Middle East has been a target for long from the Elites in order to implement Western ideology.
So far the resistance had been strong and also the One World Order agenda had been rejected by most countries in this part of the world. This is now the next attempt to weaken the Middle East by putting
‘oil into the already raging fire’… The height of the conflict will be more towards the mid of the year.

How this conflict will eventually turn out is still open, I cannot see yet a particular outcome.

Tension between the West and Russia will increase further as Russia will be heavily involved
to prevent the take over from the West.
Many countries in the area have ties with Russia and will be strongly supported in any way…

The ripple effect of these conflicts around the globe will be supply shortages of a variety of goods
and a potential increase of terror attacks…

The war in Ukraine has been prolonged by the constant arms supply from the US mostly. Without it, Ukraine would have needed to go into negotiations and a deal would have ended the war already. Now support is fading and I see there is a good chance that around April/May finally serious negotiations will happen, leading to the end of the war.

Now some words on the institutions which are behind of implementing the so-called One World Order:

The energy I see here is that their power and influence compared to last year has decreased to quite some extent. As more people see what their true motivations are, total control and enslavement of humanity, the increase in awareness has a weakening effect on them.

I see about 10 – 15 % of increase from last year, meaning at present about a quarter of the population is aware of this agenda. As awareness is Light it weakens the attempts of the Dark Forces.
Be clear, this increase in awareness is a big jump…

The attempt of the WHO to have total jurisdiction on health measures worldwide, a vital part of the One World Order, will create another divide. It is a 50/50 situation; approx. half of all governments around the world will sign up for it. These are the ones who are totally affiliated with the WHO and will give up their autonomy, for instance the US.

But as there is also plenty of opposition from the people to the plan in the countries who want to sign, they cannot implement the agenda to the extent as they wish. Meaning, they will have to ‘water it down’.

It is planned that the take over is ready to be signed off by May this year. Still, there is a good chance that it will be delayed as new types of documents have to be created for the more acceptable, ‘watered down’ version.

for instance will not give up all of their autonomy on this matter. It will be a partial handing over of control to the WHO.

The NZ government will try to make an agreement that the WHO is just a supporting organisation in case it is necessary if a major pandemic occurs. In other words, NZ won’t give up their autonomy.


As I mentioned last year flooding events will be on the increase. As it happened it will continue the same way throughout this year. But now many more countries are going to build flood preventions in prone areas.
This will help that flooding events won’t increase even further.

More extreme heat and severe cold events are on the card. Significant changes in behaviour of marine life will be observed because of changes in temperature. A variety of sea creatures will migrate into more suitable waters. Common fish populations will disappear from one area just to show up somewhere else for their survival. The fishing industry will have to learn and adjust to these changes.

The natural change in climate will bring further discoveries of new animal species. I mentioned this last year already and it happened in many parts of the world. This will continue to be a surprise and delight for researchers.

The armed conflicts in the Middle East will be interrupted by some powerful earthquakes affecting several countries. Turkey is also prone to a severe shake this year.

Having a look towards Japan I see a bigger sea quake looming between the Northern end of Honshu and Hokkaido. At present I see strong tension in the area that will be most likely released in about four months from now. Regarding volcanoes I see that Hachijojima will likely have a bigger eruption and also Mount Aso will want to ‘speak loudly’ again.

For New Zealand I see the Gisborne area is quite vulnerable, there is quite some unrest at present that could become a shake in the upper five magnitude area. Marlborough Sounds and the Golden Bay area are also in unrest that can lead to an upper five shake as well. As the seismic waves will travel mostly North, Wellington and areas along the West coast will feel this one very well.

To summarise, it is a challenging year that holds at the same time plenty of opportunity
to wake up
to the greater reality of infinite life...



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MURAM'S Message for 2023

MURAM'S Message for 2023

Channeled on December 24th 2022

The overall energy is in quite a stark difference to the year before.

2023 will see a drastic increase of a variety of energies on the planet.

I give you a picture; if you see the energy of 2022 on a graph, it’s a relative flat curve,
no big spikes. Now there will be a big spike in energy already in the early year and I will explain what that means.

A high energy year is ahead of you.

This is a universal occurrence, everything existing, every life force on planet earth will experience a spike in energy. For instance, new species of plants and animals will be discovered. Humankind will experience an influx of energy towards Awakening, it will increase a lot. At the same time the attempts of the Dark Forces to prevent this from happening will increase as well.

The whole ‘game’ is now on a high energy level, like an extremely competitive final in a sports tournament. Exciting and also exhausting.
To be clear, it doesn’t mean that the final is finished by the end of this year, no result yet.

For everyone this energy provides a great platform to materialise what you wish for.

It’s an opening to a wider connection between matter and spirit. Any true wishes that you send out to the Universe will be realized more instant. This is a year of creating, making things happen. A strong active and forward striving energy…

What also comes with this heightened energy is tension.

There will be times throughout the year where the tension between people who seek freedom from oppression and the oppressors will increase a lot. The voices of truth seekers will be louder as there will be the voices of the ones who work for the rulers of the world. The attempt to establish even more restrictions on populations under false pretext will increase tension in many societies around the world.

You also will see a spike in many encouraging, uplifting events.

More truth and also justice will appear about the worldwide deception in regards to the imposed anti-virus measures. The awareness around that is rising and all the people who were badly affected by the mandates and other restrictions will experience some kind of Healing. Court cases around the world will be successful in holding the ones responsible for the agenda. As I said, a spike of energy in any direction…

It is important to stay as much as possible in an active and forward looking energy.
When you see tension rising, you see the attempt of more restrictions, do not go into a state of despair.
If you do, then you already buy into it. You then diminish your life energy and start feeling like a victim.

Be very clear on what you want to live, what you want to materialize, what kind of life you envisage. Hold on to it throughout the year.

A big learning challenge for everyone will be to feel secure in insecurity.

This might sound like a paradox for many; being able to experience this inner state of feeling secure regardless of what occurs in the world requires some deep Soul searching/re-connecting.

This is also a part of that heightened energy. In order to feel secure within oneself the awareness that you are an ever existing Being is essential. It’s a challenging time that holds the opportunity for reconnection with one’s eternal truth.

The realization that you are a visitor on the planet, knowing that you can return whenever you wish after you let go of the body is part of this state of awareness. It is now easier to reach, the heightened energy allows that.

Be aware and follow the signs coming to you, what to do, where to turn to in order to reach this state of awareness. It can be a book, joining a particular seminar for example. It can come from a variety of sources. So, be aware of the signs you receive from life and don’t hesitate to follow them.

The symbol of the Merkaba is very much connected
with this year’s energy. Have an image of it in your place, gaze at it in a meditative state. Dive into the energy it represents.

The quality of balance is essential for one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Between being very active and complete relaxation. On the physical level this is best achieved by giving yourself strong exercise that does not have to be lengthy.

For instance, run for a while and then go into a short, deep relaxation. This is more effective than having a long stroll as it would not require the balance of relaxation.

Also to work on something with full energy followed by deep relaxation gives you that sense of balance.

To get a feel for the balance I am talking about, here is an exercise for you.

Lie on the floor and start tightening the muscles in your body beginning at the feet.

Keep going until you feel the whole muscle system in a tight state.

Hold that tightness for a while and then let go fully with strong exhalation.

Repeat the exercise several times during the day.

Many people will experience wanting to eat more frequently than usual. The body system within that heightened energy will burn calories faster.
It’s a natural requirement of the body, an instinct in order to be fully nourished.

Juniper as berries or in other form has good qualities to give the body some necessary additional nutrition.
It helps to stay longer active and focused. For that purpose it’s more effective than any other plant/substance.

Some words about the climate;
as I mentioned in messages earlier, the occurring changes in climate, in weather patterns are fundamentally
a natural cycle of the planet.

But it will continue to be exploited by the one world order agenda, trying to restrict people’s activities and movement again. Especially younger generations who bought into the claim that human activity is mostly responsible for climate change will become louder, another spike here. That they are used for the agenda of the rulers will take time to be realized…

Severe flooding as well as drought events will continue to occur in many countries.

I also see that there will be two or three events of strong sun ray bursts with the potential to cause failures in the electric grid in parts of the world, short term blackouts are a likely outcome.

More towards the mid of the year a bigger comet will come close to earth. It will mostly brake up in the atmosphere but not fully. It has the potential to cause some damage on impact by the remaining parts.

In my last year message I talked about the possible strong quake on the California coast. Recently a pretty strong one occurred that released some of the energy I saw then. But the energy there is still very tense and it seems the recent shake was just a precursor of some bigger release coming, likely within the next three months.

Another bigger potential quake is in the sea around Tonga. That sea quake can affect New Zealand
with a Tsunami, especially the West coast of the upper North Island.
Most likely this is happening towards the mid of year.

On the West coast of Northern Honshu/Japan there is a lot of activity right now.
An offshore quake but not far from the coast, possibly in the magnitude 6 range is looming.  

There is a cluster of volcanic islands out of Tokyo in the pacific and it looks like some event is going to happen there, a possible eruption. It can trigger a quake in the Tokyo Bay area followed by a medium sized Tsunami, most likely in May.

On Kyushu I see an incident at a nuclear plant but nothing major like Fukushima.

This will raise questions and more opposition against the direction of the government to increase the number of nuclear plants in the country.

The rather stressed world economy will basically continue like last year.

One of the weapons used to prevent the Awakening of Humankind is triggering basic survival fears in people and so to weaken their energy. This will be continued but at the same time it will cause huge protests in many countries. The forces of power will have to ease some of the pressure in order to prevent riots which would threaten them directly.

Besides, this weapon they use has the potential to backfire. It can become a strong motivator for many to go into Soul searching, wanting to find their spiritual roots again.

On another note; this is not a favourable year to make new investments. Situations can change rapidly and any new investment would be a real gamble.

The war in Ukraine, also tied to the economy woes, will end likely towards mid year.

I don’t see that Putin will still be in power; change is happening. This change has already begun, less and less of the Russian population support the invasion anymore.

The end of this war will have some easing effect on the strained economy. The massive investments of many countries in weaponry will tune down and you can expect then a more stable world economy next year.

Putin has never been independent from the one world order directive; he played his part in the ‘game’. Whoever will be chosen to replace him will be under the same directive unless the opposition forces who are not following the world rulers are coming into power. It’s possible that they become the leading force in a new Russia.

Short lived armed conflicts between Turkey and Greece are likely to happen.

Also an incident between China and the US around Taiwan is very possible. Japan will then be involved indirectly by supporting the US forces.

A rise in ethnic tension on the Balkan has also the potential to turn violent for a short period of time…




14. October 2022

Since my last message about the overall tense energy, there has been now a slight change. The Light Force has increased a bit, creating a softer vibration overall.

Humanity has been in the grip of Dark Force for thousands of years. This created a deep sense of feeling helpless and also anger/frustration in the human consciousness.

These long stored energies are now coming to the surface, leading to more resistance towards
the rulers of the world. A cleansing process of long held toxic energies is now triggered.

Emotions of frustration, anger and feeling helpless need to be acknowledged and expressed.
If these emotions are triggered by a current situation in your life, see it as an opportunity to be
in touch and to release the deeper layers.

Everyone has some different suitable outlet, for instance powerful physical exercises, chanting, shouting sessions, martial arts, boxing. See what works best for you in releasing those long held emotions.

Mental detox happens by being aware of repetitive thought patterns that don’t fit your life anymore
and sending them out of your system into the light; this release is now easier to do than anytime before.

You might experience changes in your personality; layers that had been blocking the light are softening
and old colours of your ‘personality image’ are replaced with new ones.

Support your body during the detox by taking Chlorella on a daily basis. Also place a drop of iodine in the morning on the skin where the thyroid is located. This organ can become out of balance during the process and the iodine keeps it more stable.

Join group activities to strengthen the sense of community, togetherness in yourself.

This will energise the greater reality that humankind is one big family.

Everyone who goes with the current energy will be part in strengthening the Forces of Light further, supporting to lift humanity out of the long held dominance of the Dark Forces…



20. September 2022

For several days me and friends around me felt extremely tired and kind of dull.
We had a look with Muram if there is something particular going on that might affect us.

I'd like to share his short message with you as it might be helpful. The basic energy at present is TENSION due to a 50/50 situation between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. It's like a stalemate situation that creates this tension, tiring and draining for many people right now.This is a rather crucial time in which direction the world is going to turn.There had been plans to put humanity into even more "pandemic" restrictions but was prevented by the Light Forces. Dark Force and its servants are now re-grouping to find other effective ways to continue the path towards the One World Order.Everyone who understands, is aware of this agenda and what is at stake for humanity will be strengthening the Light Forces. Which will be stronger, Light or Dark, is dependent on how many more people awaken from their sleep state.Refrain from trying to create, develop something new in your life during this period. Most important now is the quality of RELAXATION. Give yourself gentle physical exercises supporting the body to be more relaxed and mental relaxation through meditation. It will then be easier to cope with the tense energy cycle.The Planet itself is reflecting the current tension by releasing stress through strong earthquakes and violent storms. This will go on for another 3-4 weeks where the Planet reflects this energy.



MURAM'S Message for 2022

MURAM'S Message for 2022

Channeled December 20th 2021

This is a very crucial year for the overall human experience on your planet. The year of DECISION on a global level in which direction the human experience will develop; if the increasing tyranny and oppression will be accepted by most or not.
By mid year the signs will be very clear in which direction it will go.


All the protests happening world wide are significant towards encouraging people who are in any kind of authority position to stand up and voice themselves in the world of politics,economy and health. The protests are the backbone of this. It’s a cushion of encouragement; this is the most important effect by protesting.
As I said, by mid of the year it will show if enough of the population take a stand, oppose the general direction towards world wide totalitarianism or not.
Once you see that there is a turning point, the easing of the imposed rules and regulations,
the whole ‘house of cards’ will begin to crumble relatively fast. This disintegration process won’t be finalised during this year but will take several more years to be completed.
You need to understand the elite has been building the system carefully over many centuries…

The development in the US is to be watched carefully. North America will be the forerunner towards the tide turning. The battle there will intensify over the first six months.
You will see the opposition from people in authority positions will increase a lot. And this will then become a strong influence, an example for the rest of the world. There are many Western countries where the influence of the US, whatever influence, is still like a directive for them.
You will see this influence showing up in Australia first.

The ruling forces will continue to use the tool of lockdowns on and off in many parts of the world to weaken the population and try to prevent mass uprisings. At the same time I see that the compliance to these measures won’t be so easily accepted anymore by many. They will continue to protest, which will also lead into more violent clashes with police and military forces. Eventually there will be thousands of Souls giving up their human lives for the cause.
You will see rather violent revolts especially in parts of Europe. I see possible assassination attempts on some of the so-called leaders. Most likely in Italy and France, and I also see plans to do this in Germany and also Austria.
Where the discrimination and punishment of non-compliant people is getting more severe, the so-called leaders are coming under threat.
More people will realise that it’s not about health what’s happening but just control for the sake of control.

You also need to understand that this digital vaccine passport is just a stepping stone. It is not the final control gadget. It will start to fade away most likely by the end of the year.
By then also travelling between countries without major restrictions should be possible again.
The final goal is to convince the population to have a chip implanted  containing any of one’s personal information. But the global “fear conditioning” energy will be already weaker before it is widely implemented, not many will accept it anymore.      


Be clear that all this is a wake-up call for humanity. The rulers of your world, the way they operate have never been so visible. It is an awareness process towards potential liberation; growing up into maturity comes with pains…

For your health and overall wellbeing
the awareness that your current experience is just one of the many you already had in human form is vital. In other words, anything that helps you to get in touch with the greater universal reality is a significant ingredient towards staying sane in this insanity.
People who are aware that their life essence is infinite, and will continue in whatever form forever and ever will be the ones that do not have to experience major mental problems.
People who believe they only live once and then there is nothing are under immense stress. They are very prone to mental and physical illness. The ones who are unaware about the continuity of their life should experience either in Hypnosis sessions, past life regression or other modalities to come in touch with some of their former lives. This will create the certainty that their life continues no matter what. By that they won’t buy into the fear of death so easily anymore and will see the big picture clearer.

If you feel like eating more often than usual, don’t restrict yourself. Your physical body needs more energy and also burns food faster in the current fear/stress vibrations.
During this period it is not wise to follow the idea that snacking in between meals is a bad thing. Follow the guidance of your body here. Just eat healthy, nutritious food and don’t eat anymore approx. 2 hours before bed.

The needs of people who are vaccinated or unvaccinated are quite different now.

- Let’s begin with the ones who took the vaccine.

If this is you then you need a high protein diet. This improves the compromised immune system and creates more natural protection from any other virus variants.
Have a shower every evening before bed and spray your body and energy field with diluted peppermint oil. This will clear a good amount of the accumulated low frequency radiation.
The vaccine creates a magnetic field that attracts these frequencies strongly. Once you start, keep up with that clearing for 3 months on a daily basis.
Only do light physical exercise for approx. 4 month after vaccination, don’t exhaust your body.
It is a potential risk for heart problems as you can see in the many reports of athletes collapsing.

To diminish any long term side effects from the spike protein do one day of fluid fasting
every week. Each time the ability of the body to reduce any possible long term side effects increases.

Colloidal Silver in high potency to take orally on a daily basis is a good immune booster.
And of course strengthen your system with immune booster supplements of any kind.

Valuable products to reduce problems from the spike protein will be developed during this year.

It is important on a mental health level that vaccinated people finally admit to themselves
that they were deceived. To keep up with the illusion that vaccines provide long term protection from the virus, as it had been promised, has a weakening effect. Once a person is willing to admit it, the
cloud of illusion will leave, they will feel stronger and it will also help to be more resilient to any other variants around. To reside in this illusion is a recipe for mental health problems.
Once the truth can be admitted the light can come in again…

What suits people most who are not vaccinated is a predominant plant based diet.
This supports staying clear and centred and generally provides better nutrition than animal products. And to fulfil the protein needs of the body, high protein plant based foods are good enough.
If you feel like some meat or fish now and again is no problem, just mostly
plant based proteins.

Before you come together with people who had the vaccine, drink a cup of pine needle tea and then 10 minutes later a cup of pomegranate seed tea. It will help your body to deal with any spike protein that might have entered your system.
Do the same then in the evening like vaccinated people, peppermint spray and a shower.

The global numbers who had been refusing the vaccine are quite a lot more than officially stated; about 25 to 30% of the population.
This group is not easily manipulated. The influence of them is a significant factor for the tide to turn and this energy will have more and more influence on the still fearful ones.

It is ironic what I see here but of course it’s also part of the agenda. Vaccinated people are
mostly at risk to fall ill from any variants.
Because their immune system is compromised, the immune response has slowed down a lot. So, most people who might require medical help will be from this group.
The promotion
of the so-called booster shots will continue and the immune system will be further weakened in people who fall for it. Once this truth is coming out for most to realise,
it will
be a big part of the ‘house of cards’ falling.

In New Zealand I see that the government is not as united anymore to push the agenda.
There is conflict. There will be an attempt to extend the discrimination against the ones who oppose the mandates and at the same time opposition from members of government is growing stronger. And the labelling of unvaccinated people as the ‘dangerous ones’
won’t stick for much longer any more. It will show by mid year which way it goes. Until then there will be a forth and back between more and less strict regulations.
Plans to impose new lockdowns i
n the near future do exist, but it won’t be so easy anymore. Opposition from a variety of powerful circles in the society grew a lot.

The mass media is tiptoeing; they are still under a very strict directive on what they are
allowed to report. But you will see some new tactics, not only to report in favour of the government directive. This is not credible anymore to the wider public and now they are advised to also publish bits and pieces of critical voices just to calm the growing suspicion. The control they are under is still the same.

Of course there are a handful of journalists who refuse the directives who speak openly on a variety of Internet channels. But you won’t hear and see them in the major news outlets.

To be part of the tide-turning your best influence is to join any possible protest because it’s visible and the resistance to the control can't be denied.
The more join, the faster it will encourage the ones in powerful positions to speak up.

will want to continue the same direction they took so far. I don’t see any plans for
mandating vaccination. Japan has some degree of independence on how they operate as they are the most important ally for the US in the whole of Asia.
And they can count on the basic obedience of the Japanese people to follow the rules anyhow. So, I don’t see any significant protests on the horizon in this country.

The restrictions of natural alternatives to the vaccine are less in Japan and I see many people are open to choosing a natural path of protection.
The best support you can give is to share effective vaccine alternatives amongst your connections.

Extreme weather
patterns will continue to increase; more severe flooding, destructive
fires and storms.

As I mentioned last year, the so called human made climate change is to most a natural occurrence in the earth cycle and happened many times before. This is a self cleansing, transformative process of Mother Earth; the planet is evolving.
The human impact here is minimal. Yet, as it is portrayed it serves as another tool of the control system; it’s part of the agenda towards the so-called one world order…

At the moment I see a strong increase of seismic activity along the coast of the Americas.
A major quake here is very possible followed by large waves; most likely in the next two to three months. The tension is on a pretty high level.

The economy system
is designed to enrich the ones in power and to keep a good
working force…, this is the basic design.

I don’t see that it will crash like some people fear; this is not part of the plan. But to control the money flow throughout the world even more is in their favour. By doing so even more money can be made and they will push for that to happen.
In other words, what you likely will see are more so-called policies where you have to prove the use of money. A part of this is to restrict more and more the use of cash. But it is a slow process designed to be implemented over many years. Again, if the tide turns in mid year opposition to this attempt will also increase and it could fall apart.

What you also will experience in most countries is that the flow of supplies, food and all sorts of items from overseas will be less, interruptions will increase. This is basically another fear tool to manipulate people into survival mode and so to increase their fear of death.
But I don’t see that in any Western countries there will be serious food shortages or of any other goods. The fear factor is the weapon.

Crypto currencies are designed to be a stepping stone towards full digitalisation of money.
So, as it is a stepping stone it will fade away and won’t be used as a major currency. It was not designed to provide freedom from the old system but is part of it.





Muram's message for 2021

Muram's message for 2021

Channeled on 5th January 2021

The overall energy for this year is best described
as destruction and renewal.

The old ways how the majority of humans deal with life on your planet will come more and more to an end.

This energy will be reflected in every aspect of life; this is the year of the PHOENIX rising, symbolising the element Fire as destroyer and life giver.You will see that energy in force on the economy level; you will see that force in relationships between countries and within societies. So there will be many break downs of the
so-called status quo in order to give rise to the NEW.  

Uprisings against authoritarian and oppressive governments will increase. As you might be aware this has begun already at the end of last year; now it will accelerate. So you will see more of massive, often violent protests in different parts of the world; against the establishment, against tyranny. Many Souls have agreed to give up their physical form so that the NEW can take place.  
More towards the second half of the year you will see signs of less racism and discrimination against minorities. True resolutions on social injustice will also show as the NEW. Corporations who have been all about making profit will change their attitude to a more human well-being direction.
What has been built on imaginary or better to say fake money will experience big crashes.
This is necessary so that money can be based again on true value.

These are examples of renewal after the phase of destruction. 

n order that you can go with the energy keep renewal in mind. See what you can renew in your life; see also what needs to go. Many people will wish to live in a different area, change their life circumstances.

Reflect which of your attitudes and habits are outdated and need renewal. What you are still continue living that you have been conditioned in your childhood.
For most this will be a strong transformational year. Don’t be afraid to let go of what you are used to; it opens you up to the new energy to come in.
Get out of your usual environment without much planning more frequently. And if it’s just for a day now and again when you usually would stay home. Reduce staying put in one place, go more frequently on an excursion. It supports you to adjust to the renewal energy.

Your physical bodies will also go through a stronger than usual renewal phase. Check which dietary habits don’t suit you anymore. What could be the new to give to your body. There is no general dietary direction I can give as it’s different for every individual.
Look what makes your body heavy, causes digestive problems and keeps your body’s nutritional needs unsatisfied. Experiment with foods that can create a deeper sense of satisfaction.  

I expressed this many times before, but it’s even more of importance now.

To re-connect with one’s spiritual truth, which is the state of sanity. You will see even more of insanity throughout this year; a reflection of the disconnection with Spirit that has been going on for long in the human experience. Intuitively there will be many more seeking for their spiritual truth. A deep cellular knowing that this is essential for being sane and whole.
The PHOENIX energy will accelerate this. More people will seriously go into seeking. The seeker knows there is something significant he/she has lost or hasn’t found yet. It’s a striving energy, maybe not even knowing what it is. The desire to find what is missing, the sense that there is something missing is the driving force. That cannot be fulfilled with anything material. So everything what supports you into this direction is of value.
If it’s Meditation or other practices that you feel drawn to in order to open up to your spiritual truth, join in.                                                   

This year’s Mantra: Death is Renewal. photo

As I said earlier there will be many Souls leaving as being part of implementing the New. This Mantra will help to see it from a higher perspective. You release the fear vibration around death. Use it daily for some minutes, for instance before you go to bed.

s many people on the globe are affected and concerned about the so-called pandemic, I want to give you a clear, detailed picture on what you are actually dealing with.

As I mentioned once before, this particular virus is not a new occurrence. It had been around for many years, mostly in Asian countries. In the past this virus just hasn’t been isolated as this particular one, but has been for long a part in flu-like symptoms and also other illnesses. Now that it has been isolated it has been labelled as new, the whole mindset of a pandemic was created.  

It is important to understand that for the animal kingdom, especially wild animals, this virus has an important role. It is a natural occurrence in their system, supporting their ability to re-create; in other words it’s a survival tool for a variety of species, it makes them more resilient. For them it is a ‘God given’ friend in a world that allows them less and less to thrive in a dwindling habitat.
And here is the connection to why so many people fell ill first in one of the countries where the consumption of wild animals happens on a big scale…
The reason why there were much less people affected in the past is due to a weaker defence system in their bodies these days. This is why you see the effects now and not years earlier already.
Air and water pollution, poor food with little nutritional value and the ever increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation play a big role in this…

For the forces who work towards the One World Order, the virus is a perfect reason to get people used to having their personnel freedoms curbed greatly. You need to see the stringent restrictions on people’s movement from this perspective. The plan is, under the phrase ‘for the greater good’, to create a more compliant population, people following what they have been told to do or not to do.  
I say it again, the virus is real. And to take reasonable, simple precautions is a good idea. But at the same time the effect of the virus, the danger it poses is greatly overstated by purpose.
The constant bombardment from the media and governments around the horrendous infection rates and death tolls is part of the agenda I explained.

To be clear, many people who are claimed to have died from the virus did not die from it at all, but from a variety of other causes. Also the infection rates are highly overstated, the tests used are not reliable. Your statistics will show much less influenza cases, just because they also have been put into the ‘Covid basket’.   

The aim is that you should be very scared and will happily accept to be vaccinated. First of all I see in most cases the vaccines will be useless, they won’t trigger the antibodies to prevent infections. And they have the potential to alter the genetic makeup of people.
In other words, you could call it a way of genetic engineering towards a more obedient population.  

Dependent on how many people comply to get vaccinated or not, introducing forced vaccination is also being considered. The powers in play have a particular threshold in mind. They are satisfied if approximately three quarters of the population are vaccinated.
If this threshold is not fulfilled you will see more and more restrictions coming up for people who refused it.
Not all countries will be willing to follow this. For instance New Zealand and also Japan don’t have plans to force people into it. But if this begins, most likely in parts of Africa and South America, countries who don’t follow will be under great pressure…

As I said, you are in the Phoenix fire energy this year. This universal energy acts like a counterpart to the agenda that I am talking about. Despite great effort to suppress any sources who work for the truth of the matter, many people will start to see behind the smokescreen.
A part of the increasing protests I mentioned earlier will be from people who have realized what the true motives are behind all these stringent restrictions in place.  

atural events created by Mother Earth will be predominantly immense storms in many parts of the world.
The storm patterns will increase significantly. And not just in areas that already experience strong, damaging storms frequently, but basically all over the planet. 

he change of President in the US won't do much to resolve the deeply ingrained division within the country. The new President is not a part in the renewal process so to speak. But he will have some calming effect within the country and also around the world.

So there will be some more stability coming from him in his policies. Don't expect any real renewal process from within any political system. This will only occur from the collective ‘heart of humankind’…

After Trump’s exit he will be banned from many broadcasting stations in the US. Still he will continue trying to pull the strings from behind the scenes. Criminal charges he will have to face on a variety of his actions, especially for trying to manipulate the election results. But prosecution is unlikely, as even more violent unrest could be the result of it. 

here are grave concerns about the ever increasing expansion policies from China.
China is testing the world how far it can go. Basically they feel powerful enough to expand their agenda of control and occupation into more parts of Asia. The regime sees itself on top of the hierarchy, the king of Asia.

There is a strong possibility I see that this will not just increase into more technological and economical battles. There is also a real chance of some armed conflicts. Especially in the China sea and with Taiwan. It won’t lead to an all out war. They are testing the willingness of others to stand up to their might.
The allied countries with the US will be forced to make a stand and this will eventually dampen China’s agenda. Part of it will be that they cannot afford the economical backlash of their actions, there will be pressure on the regime from within to change their ways.


2020 YEAR MESSAGE - channeled on January 5th

 - channeled on January 5th

The most fitting word for the overall energy of 2020 is SHIFT. There will be many SHIFTS on all sorts of levels.

I give you a picture here; when you imagine tectonic plates of your planet, they shift naturally. Sometimes more, sometimes less and sometimes they stay quiet.

Throughout this year, SHIFTS will happen more frequently. The planetary SHIFTS are just a part of it, an expression of the overall SHIFT energy.

On one hand that means of course that there will be quite some restructuring of the tectonic plates all around the planet, a transformational process. New structures are created, old ones fall away. The frequency of earthquakes will increase; there will be likely three major ones.

A significant restructuring process is already happening along the coast of South/North America, one of the major shift areas. Also in the Middle East, Turkey and neighbouring countries will be affected. The third area I see is along Indonesia and also the Philippines, I see already heightened activity there.

What’s significant for everyone to know is not to expect continuity. The energy of uncertainty is rising on many different levels.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED is a key expression for this year. You will see these SHIFTS on the political stage, within societies and also personnel relationships. You will see separations and new relationships formed that you never would have expected to happen. Nothing throughout this year can be seen as set in stone…

The monetary system will experience rather dramatic ups and downs, inducing lots of fear reactions throughout the world. Fears around a total collapse of the system but I don’t see it this way. Big SHIFTS yes, also in the currency market. So-far-strong currencies will weaken and vice versa.

The survival instinct will be triggered in many. This instinct is in actual fact not a panic energy but a rather cool and calm energy that makes you cope with dangerous situations. When this instinct is triggered, go with it; go with the clarity that comes with it.
In addition practice to stay calm and centred within the SHIFT energy. A helpful Mantra here is, even it sounds a bit ridiculous to many,
. By using this Mantra you will become aware what you are afraid to lose. This is important; it shows you what you are attached to.

Attachments are a natural part of the human

But in these shifting times any over-attachment only leads to being stale and you can’t flow with the energy. You make it hard for yourself.
So when you have clear awareness about your attachments, have a good look on how you could create being more detached. Reflect about how significant these attachments really are in your life.

During this process you possibly come to the point where you will come in touch with the fear of losing your life. This will give you the chance to realize that in fact you never can and will lose your life at all, that it’s impossible.

And yes, this particular experience you are having, being with this particular body in this particular environment you are in will come to an end. That’s what you leave behind but the life force you represent exists forever.
This eternal truth is ingrained in every human being and can be uncovered in the process of detachment. So come closer into the awareness that in reality there is nothing to lose. Everyone who reaches closer to this awareness can go freely with the SHIFTS.
Not to struggle but to be part of the flow.

Your physical bodies, as well as the energy bodies, need an even better balance between activity and times of rest. Everyone who does not sleep well, or has trouble resting and relaxing, should make effort to find a solution for better balance.

Without this balance the body can be easily overwhelmed by the shifting energies and one will experience increasing physical difficulties that can show in a variety of ways. This is also a message for all the workaholics around the world. Being in this state is a recipe for a downward Spiral, the so called burnout experience happens faster and more frequently.

I talked about this before in other messages but I’d like to repeat it here in different wording. The change in climate that you experience on your planet is to most a natural occurrence your planet experienced many times before. The claim that the actions of humanity are mostly responsible is a myth created for purpose.

The agenda can be summarised like this; same rules, laws and obligations for every country and everyone living on the planet. This is then easy to control; the forces of Darkness want to have complete control, they intend uniformity and wiping out individuality.
That’s what they desire. (see Book excerpts).

The ruling Dark Forces have been trying for long a variety of attempts to lure the people into following their intentions. Saving the planet and humanity is the most cunning one after several other intents failed.
And as you can see, it is very successful; billions of people bought into it already.

Any effort that is made to reduce human-made pollution and destruction obviously is greatly desirable. So it is about to create a healthier and more sustainable life on your planet for every living being, animals and plant people as well.
If you make any efforts on this level then you are in the right energy. If you want to save the planet, which doesn’t need to be saved, you walk a distorted path not leading to anywhere.

To summarise; don’t buy into the masquerade that the change in climate is a human creation.


As we speak, the conflict in the Middle East has been greatly increased by the killing of the Iranian military leader. There are several motivations behind this action. As so often, it is about oil; the US wants to ensure that their stronghold in the Middle East to oil reserves continues and that they even can expand it.
This had been done in the past and it continues, just with a different set of tactics.

Surely there will be retaliations from Iran, giving the US great justification to increase their presence. I don’t see that it will ignite a war throughout the whole Middle East as some fear; it’s more of a tit for tat war.

So yes, there will be fire in the Middle East. But I don’t see it as a huge fire.

Another motive is that the US president wants to improve his image of the strong man. Now that the impeachment happened, as I predicted in last years message, he is on shaky grounds. It’s most likely that he will stay in office but will go anyway weakened into the next elections.

Once again an enemy has been created to divert the attention of people from the issues within their country, a common tactic that has been used many times before…





Having read and watched a variety of information lately, often contradicting each other, on the hidden agendas in the world, I felt compelled to get some clarity from Muram.

Here is what he had to say:

The so-called One World Order attempt (OWO) exists for a long time already.
This direction had been decided just after the end of WW2, an agreement between most Westerner countries.
Later Japan, China, African countries, South American countries joined.
OWO is basically giving full power to the families who control the workings of the world in their favour.

But this Agenda had been interrupted many, many times. Otherwise full control would have been established already. And I see it will basically continue like that. 
There will be some progress here and there towards achieving the Agenda, but at the same time there will be disruptive counter actions.

This cycle will continue for long and I don’t see that the Agenda will become established as planned.

To fully understand this cycle the influence of the Beings called Reptilians needs to be clarified. They have a stronghold on your planet since long, using human and planetary resources for their gain.

There is a deal between the ones in power on your planet and this race. “We allow you to exploit our resources and in turn you support our Agenda”.

The Reptilians have an immense ‘appetite’ for energies they need to survive. Any life form on your planet is a potential ‘food source’ for them. Animals, plant materials and even humans are desirable.

Precious metals, oil, gas and other planetary resources are handed to them. Without their presence you would have abolished the exploitation of Earth since long and alternative energy sources would be fully established. 
This is the reason why so many attempts to implement alternative energy have been delayed or squashed. Continous slavery and also abductions of humans, especially children is also part of their making.

The Reptilians have been invading and exploiting many other planets before, ‘The Masters of the Pyramids’ explain it well.
( See the Book ‘The Transformation of Dark Force and the Awakening of Humankind’ )  The-Spiral-Shop

Let’s come back to the interruptions in the Agenda I mentioned earlier.
Reptilians have the ability to manipulate and control many aspects of humans on the mind level. But their vibration is too dense to infiltrate the Spirit/Soul and also the Heart vibration.

Everyone who is consciously in connection with Heart and Soul energy counteracts the Agenda. This has been and still will be the only possible way for humanity towards liberation, the so called ‘Awakening of Humankind’.

Because the Reptilians cannot infiltrate the Heart vibration, they use the energy of Fear.
Fear is the tool to block and diminish the vibration of the Heart. Many scary, destructive events you witness are designed for this purpose as well as Fear based messages.

Here I would like to remind you of my 2019 message, where I stress the importance of overcoming Fear and the steps to take. (Scroll down to read this message).

Many people wonder if there is any support from other races close to humanity.
Yes, you receive help from several species from your star systems and also other dimensions. To mention some; the Beings from Andromeda, Sirius and Pleiades are actively involved. They operate in a non-aggressive and more of an indirect way, jokingly I say similar to the Japanese way.
For instance you can see their influence/light in completely unexpected changes towards more heartfelt outcomes on the social and political stage.
They give their influence to raise the vibration of humans. This in turn then becomes visible for example when a political candidate, who truly works for its people, comes unexpectedly into power; and the former servant of the Agenda has to go.

At last I want to give you the following image.

See the world and all the beings in it like fish in a bowl without awareness of life outside the bowl. Now if the bowl gets rattled and shaken by an event great fear arises.
The majority of humans are like the fish described here.
Opening up to the greater reality beyond the bowl is a key to experience life less ruled by fear…



Channeled on 9th January 2019


The overall energy for this year is that of extremes, extremes between very calm and settled energies and strong agitating, unsettling energies.
The changes between these two energies are going to happen in a very fast pace.

The purpose of this Universal energy towards your planet is that you humans can let go of the illusion that you are just that; just ‘flesh and bone’, just a physical appearance.
The amount of people who are still living this illusion is way too high. So this year energy is aimed at more people growing out of that, an essential process to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. This in turn will create what many of you desire, a more peaceful and loving environment on your planet.

Ultimately it is an invitation to re-discover your ‘True Self’
, meaning that people realize they are not just human beings. Everyone who believes to just be a human being is prone to buy into the collective fear.

You will see an influx of people searching; “there must be more…”, more to life then they are aware of. There will be an increase of people looking for help, for guidance and support. This will show in different ways; one is that more people will join religious beliefs trying to find consolation and a sense of peace. Others will go more into spiritual teachings not bound to religious beliefs.
Not everyone of course will walk this path and start searching, the rate of depression and suicides will rise

as well. So again you will see extremes here, more people searching and also many more than usual will leave. 

 photoThe ability to adapt to these rapid changes is important. You won’t be able to really settle into one or the other. Everyone who usually takes a lot of time to get used to a particular situation or environment will easily struggle. Practice in your daily life to make quick changes…

The fear of death
will be easily triggered in many and this can become quite overwhelming.
For all the seekers it is paramount to recognize the fear of death stored within and to consciously deal with it. This is another aspect of the overall development process throughout this year.

Fear of death is the basic vibration that the rulers of your world are using for their gain.
In other words everybody who can transform this fear, at least to some extent, is not accessible for their manipulation anymore. You can’t be touched by it anymore.

Now of course the fear of death is an inherited energy reflected in the cellular structure of every human body; some carry less then others. It’s a long held imprint that is a hindering in the development of most.
Look for tools and support that resonate with you in order to free you from this imprint.
For example the ‘Masters of the Pyramids’ talk in depth about it and explain very well how this fear affects everybody and societies overall. (Check out the book ‘Awaken to your True Self’, it also contains the Meditation ‘Lose the Fear of Death). The-Spiral-Shop

But for most people it won’t be easy to do this process just by themselves. To come together in groups for this task will be helpful. The sense of togetherness allows people to have faster and deeper access…

Remind yourself
throughout this year that sudden ‘storms’ will be followed by a sudden calmness. The biggest challenge for you is to stay centred, focused and grounded. Not to buy into the collective fear vibration…

Give yourself
on a daily basis ½ hour of silence; meditation is a valuable tool to keep you centred. It will help you not to get caught up so easily in the extremes.

Give yourself
a real good challenge now and again throughout this year. Step into something where you have a fear barrier. As an example: If you carry a fear of horses do horse riding. If you have fear of water go swimming or go for a boat ride.
Each time you actively confront one of your fears and overcome it will also help to overcome the Fear of Death eventually. You will gain more and more awareness that it’s just a vibration that you can choose to overcome.

Being able to have deep sleep
is more important than ever. It’s a remedy for being able to deal with the extremes. Before bed time just sit silently for a while, no more activity. The depth of your sleep and the feeling of being refreshed the next day will increase. For people who have difficulty to wind down it is helpful to use herbal remedies for better sleep about one hour before bed time; Valerian is an example.
Lavender scent is also good to have in the bedroom, calming the nerves. Also try to have a footbath with Lavender before bed. And do not eat meat products in the evening; it will keep you restless at night.

On the political scale
you can expect an event that is related to rising tension between China and the surrounding countries. There will be a point where this tension reaches ‘boiling point’ and it can lead into an armed conflict. If so this will be quite a major event; but I also see that it suddenly will calm down again. There will be more occasions around the globe where there is sudden heightened tension and conflict followed by sudden calmness.

Another major conflict area on the rise is between Russia and Europe.
Russia and China have the same intention towards expanding their influence and territory. Both make huge effort to grow into the main power on your planet and to overthrow the Empire USA. They are working together for this goal but once this goal has been reached they will turn against each other; a very typical cycle…

You will see that the might of the USA will cease more and more. Like every empire before in the human history it will crumble gradually, also because of a self destructive energy that is already well and alive in this country.
The impeachment of the President obviously hasn’t happened yet, but open talk and preparations to do so, also within his party, are increasing. As he acts very impulsive and his powers are much more restricted since last elections, it is even possible now that he steps down.

Climate change events
will continue as you have seen last year, I see similar amounts of extreme storms, flooding and also droughts. The farming community around the world will feel a lot of pressure…

Last year I mentioned the possibility of a close encounter with another race. There have been clear sightings from pilots and passengers above northern Europe. This was the closest appearance to a lot of people. But the direct communication did not happen due to the current climate on your planet. Your ‘space brothers and sister’ would have been targeted as an enemy and would not have served any purpose.
But as more people will strive towards a more fearless state of being the likelihood of a public close encounter rises...

Chris-Tian RA: I’d like to add a particular sentence that was given to me while meditating in a Zen temple in Kamakura/Japan. I regularly use it like a mantra in my Meditation and it emanates a deep sense of peace for me. Try it out, maybe it works for you as well…



27.7.2018 What is happening right now energetically

27.7.2018 What is happening right now energetically


Just today I checked in with Muram to find out what is energetically going on at the moment. The trigger was that I personally felt quite out of balance and rather agitated during the last days...

Here comes Muram:

Your planet undergoes a process of friction and tension, as strong pulling energy. Imagine someone is strongly pulling on your clothes, that gives you a sense for it.

The planetary constellation at present is the trigger and the rotation of your planet is out of the usual, a strong gravitational pulling is happening.

The effect on you humans is to feel out of balance, like being on a wavy boat.

On the mind level it easily can bring you into a state of only focusing what is not quite right and shutting out what you have in your life to be appreciated.

This planetary effect on you will go on for yet another five to six days.

It would be wise not trying to create much during this period and basically just to enjoy what  you can that is present in your life. Otherwise you might see yourself in a rather depressed state that could feel quite overwhelming.

How to support yourself:

Cross Crawl exercises are helpful right now. Also walk barefoot as much as possible. 

Don't try to resist this unsettling vibration, you just create more imbalance.

Allow it to be and go with it, just give yourself some of the support I already mentioned.

After the pulling is over you will experience yourself in a new, fresh energy.

Your physical body can be quite depleted by what's going on. If you feel like eating a lot then this is an attempt to give the body more energy then usual.
But what is more important then increased food intake is to stock up on Vitamin C.
Give your body a lot more then you usually do.

Avoid any dense and heavy foods, also no root vegetables.

If you usually eat animal products refrain from it right now.

Use your voice by chanting, singing, humming. The sound vibration you express helps to feel more in alignment with the planetary occurrence.

I also like to say that the extreme weather situations in many parts on your planet are related. It is not easy for Earth to cope with the pulling but once it's over 'She' will feel calm and cleansed, like after a sufficient detox.

I hope this will be helpful for you as it is for me.

Feel free to send some feedback!



Muram's 2018 Message

Muram's 2018 Message

Channeled on January 11th 2018

First of all I’d like to refer to what I conveyed a year ago about the overall energy.

Then the difference to this year’s energy will be very clear.

2017 was about division, the division within humanity. Now this year holds the opportunity for more unification, the stark division energy is fading. Instead of the sword energy there is now a softer and more flowing vibration. This energy is not so much fuelling mind, quite the opposite as it vibrates more calming for the human mind. This is support towards unification because as you know mind always has the tendency to separate.

There is the potential that people come more into the awareness what is really significant in their life and what not. What is really nurturing and what’s not. What is really enhancing one’s life and what’s not. Which companion, friend and partner you really want to be with and which one not.

It is a centring energy in that regards, supporting people to be more connected to their inner truth. This is the basic energy I see for you here on this planet.

What you can see here already is that the ability of letting go is significant. For many of you letting go is not an easy task, you tend to cling on what you are used to; if it serves you or not. Many of you tend to be very habitual.

Here is some direction on how letting go of what does not serve you can happen easier.

The difficulty for most in letting go is the connection to loss. This is what people try to avoid because loss is connected to pain, people try to avoid pain. There are not many who can experience letting go with the sense of liberation instead of going into pain.

It is a gradual practicing process; let me give you an example.

As you know most people these days use a so-called smart phone and are very much occupied with it. It disconnects them from real life and the practice in this example would be to put your phone away for some days.

In the beginning it will feel like something essential is missing. But after a while the experience of feeling liberated takes hold.

This experience will then allow you to use your device in a different way, less consuming, or to let it go completely. In other words the overall energy supports to clear out what does not serve you, letting go of clutter is much easier to do now.

Most clutter is in the mind vibration; ideas, programs, habits that keep humans in a constant busy mind cycle.  And as I said earlier this year’s energy does not feed mind more, it feeds simplicity and unity.

Everyone who supports this through meditation, going into stillness will experience it easier to reach inner places that they couldn’t reach before.

For instance you often meet people who say they can’t meditate. They should go into it again throughout this year; much easier to do.

You can expect that the energy I talked about will be also reflected in surprising conflict resolutions between countries and nations. Divisions will start to fade away and more solutions based on common sense will come to the foreground. I say surprising because often the reason as such is not obvious, un-reasonable.

Here is an example: the conflict with North Korea will calm down and this is not because of any political attempt. Quite the opposite, the political attempt is to ignite the conflict more.

But you will see that it won’t work, the new energy is more powerful. People in politics overall will act more in accord to this vibration, without often not being aware where the change of heart and mind comes from. So you will see sequences of surprising events.

The symbol for this year is the infinity symbol.  Part of this vibration is a strong likelihood that there will be at least one undeniable event with ‘non human’ beings. This is part of the infinity vibration; I see that humanity is getting ripe and ready to come into the acceptance that they are not the only existing race. I can’t exactly say how this event will occur, possibly through a physical appearance but also possible that it comes in form of a ‘radio transmission’ message undeniably not fake.

The energy will also create visible changes within societies all over the globe. There will be a stronger push towards creating more equality. The attempt of the Dark Forces to create even more division and inequality won’t be quite successful.

On one hand you will see more and more people rising up, demanding more equality that can’t be denied anymore by the so called authorities. On the other hand there will be even changes coming from within governments to create a more balanced society.

You will have great help towards this direction from your planet as well. The occurring earth changes and climate changes are a very strong input for the need of a global unification. You will see significant destructive nature events and this will trigger a tipping point globally to resolve climate change issues. The climate change deniers and down players within governments and organisations will be more and more isolated. They will be forced to participate into action that will bring solutions. And when I say solutions not just half-hearted ones; but solutions that will create an overall healthier and more sustainable life on your planet.

You will see a good amount of reports from different parts of the world about severe crop failures. Now that the human body in its current awareness depends on food, these events will be a big part towards the solution process I mentioned.

It will touch on the human survival instinct on a deep level and not just in so-called undeveloped countries. You will see also in the so-called developed countries certain foods not being available anymore suddenly. This is a very necessary experience for these societies who are used to abundance. It will increase the overall awareness about the severity of the problem.

And for people living in the so-called developed world eating less will be important to maintain or improve physical health. Give your body frequent food breaks throughout this year. Of course the physical body is also affected by the energy change. By giving your body food breaks the unification within the body, meaning the harmonious working together of the organs, is much easier to maintain.

You might think that this scenario will increase the willingness of countries to use genetically altered seeds. But no, it will become clear that these seeds won’t withstand the climate changes and will be deemed useless.

June will be a rather volatile month; the rise in sea levels will come to a point that will affect more low laying areas significantly.

There is something on the mind of many people and I’d like to say some words on the so- called digital money systems like Bit-coin etc.

It is a very tricky attempt by the people in control of the global monetary system to control the money flow even further. It is a trial on how many people buy into it. Be clear that if the people in control would not be behind it, they would have shut it down immediately, declaring it illegal.

The whole direction is that all these digital transactions are easily to be monitored and traced, cash flow of course not so easy. Cash still gives the individual person some power and control over its own money use. This obviously is undesirable for the control forces.

It needs to be understood that these sometimes reported vast profits by investing into digital coins will fade away once many people are used to it. The next step will be that you see more and more nations pushing to restrict cash flow even more.

The agenda is all about being able to monitor and control people fully, what they own and how they spend.

You can have an influence on this attempt by sticking as much as possible to using cash.

The more people do so the more likely the agenda can’t succeed. There is still choice in your hands if you don’t buy into the ‘convenience trap’.

What is also on many minds is the presidency of Mr Trump. Last year I mentioned that he won’t be in office for the whole term, a short time player. I still see that, saying this from the background of this year overall energy change.

Last year I pointed out the symbol of the sword, the division fitted his energy perfectly.

Now that the energy changes but he does not, his agenda will come to a hold. It will become obvious that he violated the constitution in several ways. There have been open talks already about impeachment and this will get more momentum.

Muram's Message for 2017

Muram's Message for 2017

Channeled on January first 2017


Let’s start with a particular Symbol that will be dominant throughout the year.

It is the symbol of the sword, representing the division within humanity.

The division between the ones who are striving for more awareness/light and the ones who are caught up in materialism, dark spaces, hatred and power over others will become much clearer. The dividing energies will become very, very clear, the sword symbolises this process.

Everyone on your planet has the free will to move into one or the other energy. I see that the division within humanity will be developing to a 50/50 level. I simplify it as much as possible here. What that means in the greater picture is that the people who are more in the light/awareness direction will tend to unite more. And vice versa…

Because of that many people will want to shift to other areas and/or countries and resettle.

So the overall energy looks very unsettled; many people on the move. A strong shifting energy is around, apparent on every aspect in the world.


What many of you will experience within that energy is a constant sense of uncertainty. Most people strive for certainty because it implies a sense of security, feeling safe.

The greatest challenge on the personal level is to reach the inner place where you can feel safe and content within uncertainty.

For people who are less attached to material things, certain life conditions etc. it will be easier. For the others it can be quite a struggle to get there. And those who cannot cope with this uncertainty at all are either falling sick or even decide to leave the planet.

The Mantra for the year is  I FEEL SAFE IN UNCERTAINTY

To experience this place, not just as a thought, choose consciously new, uncertain situations in your life and practice. This Mantra is just a beginning; it’s just a direction I can give you. Familiarise yourself with uncertainties on purpose.

At the same time deep Meditation is a wonderful tool to bring you more into that awareness so that the desire of the mind for certainty diminishes.  

By using the Mantra and giving yourself space to meditate you can loosen up the ‘it has to be like that’ energy. The ‘it has to be’ energy is a strong hindering to go with the energy of uncertainty of course.

Also reflect about your attachments, meaning what you expect to be certain in your life. Write it down; find out what you think should be certain.

Make sure that your body always gets enough mineral intakes. These states of uncertainty use up a lot of energy and can be depleting. Keep the mineral household stable. Grounding exercises are important as well.


What you could see, especially towards the end of 2016, was a very large amount of severe earthquakes all over the planet. This will stretch into this year as well. There is an overall rearrangement happening within the planet.

Earth is shedding off ‘old skin’, it is a renewal process. This is a natural cycle and it also fulfils a particular purpose. It is a detox process. You can compare it to the human body.

These strong seismic events show that Earth is in need of a significant detox.

Once the ‘new skin’ is developed it will calm down. But this will take at least until the middle of this year.

Two years ago I mentioned that the sea level rising will happen a lot faster than your scientists expect. It has happened and now I see that this process will speed up even more.

The need for resettlement of people living in low lying areas will increase significantly. More low lying islands won’t be habitable anymore and also more coast lines around the world. There will be a lot of people having to move away from coasts as well.

Of course the rising sea levels are related to the warming of the planet, especially in the usually colder areas like Antarctic.

Also the overall warming of the sea is a recipe for storm patterns that will be even more destructive than before.

You will see an increasing effort to deal with climate change, not just in reducing pollution. More and more countries will also work towards securing their cities and towns, often in very new ways. It will bring out a lot of creative solutions, new technologies.

Eventually this will lead humanity to the realisation that they cannot rule and control nature. It’s about humans coming back in harmony with nature by being aware of this.

A sense of humility and respect will grow stronger. So in the long run this will lead towards more sustainability, living with nature instead of just using it.


I talked about the overall energy; uncertainty. The new US president fits this energy.

The world community will come more and more to the understanding that what he says and what he does is generally in stark contrast. Other leaders will realize soon that they shouldn’t take his words too seriously. The increasing sentiment of not taking him seriously will help not to jump into wrong assumptions and conclusions.

But of course at the same time this creates a strong sense of uncertainty; what can be trusted and what not. So he fits the overall energy perfectly.

Throughout the year the world community will be puzzled a lot by his ways but I don’t see that this will necessarily create more conflict on a world scale. Conflict will mostly increase during his presidency within the US.

He is the bringer of the sword energy into the US; the division within the population will become crystal clear.

At the same time I don’t see that he will last for long. It is very likely that he will have to leave in about a year already; he is just a short time player.

Overall it will be just like a new theatre play on the political stage.

There are fears of a new world war looming; I don’t see this on the agenda.

Mainly because people are aware that no one would emerge as ‘a winner’; everyone would lose.

This doesn’t mean that war ends, it will be just fought in different ways. You can see this already in ongoing Cyber wars, economical wars etc.

These conflicts won’t lessen throughout this year. Already existing technologies to change weather patterns, triggering earthquakes and other technological means will be increasingly used as weapons. The power game will be mostly fought this way.

War as such never ended on your planet; it is just shifting. War continues to be a means of serving one’s self interest, of getting what you want…


16.July 2016 - A message to all Light workers

I checked in with Muram because of all the upheaval happening in the world right now

and also why I feel unusually heavy and unmotivated...

Here is what 'he' had to say:

Many Healers, Channelers and other practitioners working with the Forces of Light experience at present
being energetically attacked by the Dark Forces.
These Forces are desperate to keep their grip on humanity, trying hard to diminish the Light by spreading
Fear and Destruction on a massive scale.
I use the word desperate here because the Dark Forces see their grip dwindling on a big scale.

To diminish any energy attacks do the following:

If you experience this heavy and somehow depressing energy allow yourself to fully acknowledge it's existence.
Feel into it. Then repeatedly say 'I love you'!
This energy of Love is what Dark Force despises and it will lift out of your Energy field.It will make you feel lighter quickly!

I did what Muram suggested and it really had an instant uplifting effect. Try it out..

And here you can find out more about Dark Force,



MURAM'S message for 2016

MURAM'S message for 2016

The overall energy in the coming year is very much connected to finalising, completing and resolving. On a global level you will see throughout this year solutions emerging to pending issues, solutions that seemed to be impossible before.

For example conflicts between countries and also within countries will see more and more solutions, often surprising in nature.

In other words this is a year of new opportunities, expansion of possibilities.

The pressure to make significant changes in connection with the ever increasing change in climate will build up quite significantly. The general human mindset is to only start taking action towards change when there is pressure, when there is suffering and pain.

But as I explained earlier the energy this year supports significant solutions to take place at the same time.

In my outlook for 2015 I explained that the violent and destructive energies will come to a new height. This is fading away more and more in 2016, being replaced by the increasing ability and willingness to resolve issues, a real shift here.

Of course there will be always extremists in this world, if it’s on religion, race or other believe structures. But they will lose more and more influence, fading away gradually into insignificance.

On a personal level ask yourself what is still lingering, what still needs resolution in any aspect of your life. Reflect about this and make an effort in order to finalise what hasn’t been resolved.

The new energy supports an opening to see yourself in a wider range. What you are capable of to be, to do and to create is expanding.

For example if you are used to dealing with something in your life in only one way so far you will start to see a variety of new ways. You can see this as an unfolding process…

Also there is a heightened sense of creative experimentation, for instance this is a year to try out different forms of diet in order to find out on how to nurture your body in the best way. Apply this to all the different aspects in your life, for example if you enjoy dancing and you usually only use one particular dance form then try out others…

Then you will feel in the flow, in unison with the new energy on your planet.

But there will be a lot of people who also will experience resistance, struggling to step out of their so called ‘comfort zone’. Usually you feel comfortable in what you are used to but the expansion towards new ways will naturally lead you out of it.

There will be a part in you who wants to hold on to the usual. When you touch on the resistance then you know which part ‘is talking’ at the moment. Just by being aware you can move forward…

This is the same process on global level, stepping out of the ‘comfort zone’, the usual ways don’t work anymore.

Recently I mentioned the increasing Heart vibration in your dimension. This will continue throughout this year, it won’t just fade away. To keep this vibration alive and to increase even, the steps out of your ‘comfort zone’ are significantly important.

Within your ‘comfort zone’ the experience of the Heart vibration is limited, can’t take up much space in you.

On world climate

Severe flooding that is already happening in many parts will continue but the level of these events won’t increase much.

But what will increase are heat waves, more crop failures and severe droughts.

Especially parts of the US will be even more affected as well as Australia. The Heat in parts of Australia will become unbearable for many people and they will relocate.

Africa will also be even more affected then at present, creating a new wave of refugees.

The movement of people who are fleeing possible starvation will become stronger than the flow of war refugees.

For Japan I see that these sandstorms coming over from China will increase and effect a lot more people. Also the parts in Japan that are usually cooler will warm up more and vies versa, quite some temperature shifts here...

New Zealand will see the effect of climate change mostly on the political level. The farming lobby so far has always chosen the so called conservative powers but now they will realize more and more that the attitude of the current government won’t give them the necessary support to deal with climate change. The groups and parties who predominantly stand for environmental health will gain a lot more power and support.

One very likely natural event is a bigger shift in the Alpine fault, leading to a sequence of earthquakes in the 6 to 7 range…

Some words on Japan

The attempt to restart more nuclear plants is a desperate one, trying to keep the status quo by any means. This is only driven by economics, there is no other purpose. This attempt will be severely interrupted; I don’t see that this direction is supported in any way.

It does not fit the new energy in this year at all, it’s in opposition to the New.

Difficulties, delays, possibly smaller incidents will make it so hard to go on that it can’t be persuaded anymore.

Resilience is a strongly ingrained quality in Japanese people. This quality usually shows up when they are faced with disastrous situations. But this quality can be used as well to not give into imposed more conservative regulations by the state.

The resilience I am talking about is an energy of strength that can be used not just in situations of disaster but to oppose the attempt of more restrictions and ‘the old ways’.

This energy will be the source of strength to follow what just feels right for you…

find this place in yourself.


MURAM'S Message on 11.11.2015

MURAM asked me/us to spread this message and I feel it's significant.

So please have a read!


At present there is a huge amount of Universal Love energy transmitted to planet earth
by the Forces of Light. A constant stream of Love vibration...

This is yet another powerful attempt to raise awareness, overcome separation and eventually experiencing peace.

But there is conflict as the Forces of Darkness want to prevent this from happening... as usual. Haarp is used for distorting the Love vibration, trying to keep people in an unsettled and anxious place.

(If you don't know about Haarp just google it, lot's of information around).

There are also attempts to create major incidents to increase fear in the world. One strong possibility I see is a big so called 'terrorist attack', likely in the UK. Another plan is to create an incident between the so called super powers in order to increase the fear of yet another war.

In order to receive the Love vibration and not to buy into the distortion attempt FOCUS ON YOUR HEART.

Ask your heart on a daily basis 'how do you feel', 'what do you need', 'where do you want to be' 'what do you miss' and any other questions that come up in you.

Just by focusing in this way on your heart you give space to receive the Love vibration sent to you.

And everyone who receives makes a difference in the bigger picture of humanity, spreading the LOVE to others and breaking through the 'Dark cloud'...


It seems we now have a great opportunity at our hands, we just need to take it. Happy heart focus everyone!

And if you want to know more about Dark Force use this link On Dark Force



Channeled on 2nd January 2015

As usual we were asking Muram at the beginning of the year
about general tendencies on different aspects of our lives.
Here are the most important parts of the conversation:


Let’s start from here…

The overall destruction cycle humanity is in will peak throughout this year.
Once that peak has been reached, the new energy can come in gradually; the awareness that destruction in any kind of form is not a viable way to live.

This will reach more and more people, especially these people who are heavily involved in destructive activities for so-called ‘economical’ reasons.
First of all you will see a heightened level of destruction, not just in regards to mother earth but to any life form on this planet. Then more towards the second half of this year the striving for violence-and-destruction-free solutions is going to increase immensely.

The destructive cycle is also reflected in the implementation of more restrictions on the people in many parts of the world, creating more hardship, suffering and fear. As this is part of the cycle it will also peak this year, triggering increased riots in several European countries and the US.

In Turkey I see already forces preparing for an uprising against the rulers and this will affect then other parts of Europe accordingly.
Indonesia is also on the brink of experiencing more and more so-called terrorist attacks from suppressed and desperate native tribes.

Very likely an asteroid will come down in Russia what will be a bigger event. This event is a reflection of the destruction energy I mentioned and has the potential in the long run to unite countries and overcome their differences by working together to prevent further threats from outer space.
The beginning of this move will happen this year but until it will be visible to the public eye it might take another year to come.


Every being in human form carries the potential of being destructive, no matter the background, state of development he/she is in.

The learning is to be aware of the destructive energy in one’s self. It can be triggered by any kind of events;

Just see it, feel it and don’t act on it.

To be clear, I am not talking about some triggered anger in you but truly violent and destructive energy.

When you operate like that with yourself you send out an energy that supports the turning point of the cycle and finding peaceful solutions.

Destructive and purely creative energy are very close to each other, meaning destructive energy is actually misguided creativity.
Pure creative energy is about to get stronger, also visible in many more creative solutions, serving humanity towards a truly sustainable life.

Creativity towards this is on the rise…

In order to open up to the creative force each one of you represents, do things ‘out of the usual’.

A simple example: If you are used to only attend Rock Music concerts then next time choose a classical concert. If you are used to meet up with a certain kind of people only choose to intermingle with people who are ‘out of your frame’.

All these experiences outside of your usual world support your opening towards pure creative force.
So ask yourself on a daily basis “What can I do out of the usual today”?!
Even just changing some of your daily habits is effective.

During the first half of the year many people will be prone to experience a heightened stress level due to an increase of feeling insecure.

In order not to get caught up in the strong fear vibration there is a variety of measures you can take.

Relaxation exercises of your choice are very vital as well as practicing meditation on a constant basis.

Avoid putting stress on your physical body, eat light and healthy foods. People who tend to overeat are causing significant stress on their system and need to learn listening to their body.

Give yourself enough enjoyable physical exercise in order to keep the stress level low.


A variety of currencies will lose more of their value/buying power, creating more anxiety and stress. This is orchestrated; there is an agenda behind it.

The aim is that people will happily accept a one world currency… what eventually will result into total financial control.

Towards that goal the next step will be to implement one currency for each continent as you see it already in Europe.

‘Create fear and then offer the (self serving) solution’ is still the preferred manipulative game being played…

The agenda is not necessarily bound to be successful, a different outcome than the world currency is possible.

The control forces are very aware that the weakened currencies will interrupt and eventually halt lots of trading between countries because many goods won’t be affordable anymore. This is part of their manipulative design…
But contrary to their wish I see that some countries will decide just to rely on their own resources and create ways to use them sustainably. These examples then can spread to other countries, eventually preventing the total financial control agenda to materialise…

The weakness of the Japanese Yen is artificially created and shall serve another particular purpose that I will explain. With a weak currency the direction to re-start the nuclear facilities will be easier. The argument that Japan can’t afford to buy enough oil and gas is then much more credible, this is the background here. The electric companies in partnership with the government will do everything in their might to make this happen.

In case the re-start goes ahead as they wish the currency will come back to a higher value again, the purpose has been served.
At the same time the Yen will also return to its natural value if it becomes clear that the re-start will be impossible to push through.

This can happen because the resistance to nuclear power is growing constantly amongst the people, even within fractions of the government. And Mother Earth is likely to give its input towards this direction by creating a stronger volcanic eruption close to one of the nuclear facilities, most likely in Kyushu.


What will become apparent is that the sea levels worldwide are rising faster than the data of your science would suggest. Several low lying islands will be under immInent threat as well as some low lying coast lines around the world. Overall events related to water will be in the foreground; increased floodings and landslides triggered in many parts of the world.

The fact that significant climate change is happening won’t be deniable for anyone anymore…

For NZ there is also a strong energy around a possible oil disaster happening in the Taranaki region, causing significant environmental pollution. But this event also has the potential to put a stop to other drilling attempts around the country and strengthen the movement towards sustainable energy resources…

Having a closer look towards Japan, the increasing landslides and other water related events are also the predominant threats.

In addition the earthquake potential for the greater Tokyo Region will increase, potentially leading to a bigger quake that will cause damage to its infrastructure. Most likely this will occur during the first 4 months of the year. Facilities close to the sea will be flooded and not useable anymore. This event can change the overall landscape of Tokyo significantly...


A message from Muram: 2014

At current you are experiencing a influx of spiritual energy, aimed at activating humankind's DNA further.

In the short term this can lead to feeling out of balance, just unstable. Lack of energy, being sleepless and easy to be agitated.

To help with the process you can do the following:

Spinal massage, do it in turns in the family. Especially the 7th vertebrae needs attention (count from top)
as the new energy can get blocked there the easiest.

Alternate nostril breathing (see here on how it works)

and cross crawl exercises help to maintain better balance during this period (see examples here)

Make this a daily routine until the new energy is integrated by the end of April.

Since Muram gave us this message we have been practicing his advise
and it definitely has a very calming as well as uplifting effect!


Muram's message on 2012


On earth changes
Overall you are dealing with some significant structural changes - on many different levels. I will start with the Universal influences and then we come closer to your planet....
Your Universe is in a restructuring process. The energy between all the different planets is changing. All these different planets are interconnected and these connections are in a rearranging process. This means the connections between some become stronger and between others less strong - like a family who is re-arranging itself.
This is a natural process that is happening now and again. What this means for planet Earth is that the influences from the brother and sister planets will be also quite significant different.
First of all, the key planet for planet Earth is the planet of Jupiter, Jupiter is building up vast amount of energy, Jupiter becomes more and more the center planet. Most of the energies from the other planets are focused on Jupiter now and that has quite some implications for the gravity field on earth, meaning there will be quite tremendous gravity fluctuations and changes throughout this year.
Sometimes Earth will be somehow thrown in a wobbly kind of field and will start to feel much more unstable what will be also reflected in increasing instabilities in the weather patterns and also seismic events. Earthquakes will follow, much more instability in the Earth crusts and because of the changes in gravity also in the planet's core. This triggers much more fire events; volcanoes become increasingly active.
In the bigger picture you can see Jupiter now like the father planet, triggering all these re-arrangements. The mother planet Earth has now to adjust to the leading force of Jupiter, a strong fatherly male vibration.
Over the last centuries the motherly and female vibration had been strengthened. Now the male vibrations have throughout this year the predominant influence because these re-arrangement processes are predominantly male. This is also necessary for humankind because in the current environment the creative solutions seeking male vibration is very, very necessary. Discovering and implementing new solutions for humanity's survival towards a much more sustainable way of living is predominant. Increasing sun flares will also spark faster new technological developments as there will be more and more disruptions to existing devices from the suns energy bursts.
So new technologies will blossom which lead towards this direction, part of the big re-arrangement process.
This is not about strengthening the male ego structure but the creative solution process for the wider community. I see a speedy increase of a variety in new power sources to generate electricity.
The suppression of alternatives has faded away already and giving real importance towards a new direction will increase immensely.
The dark forces cannot hold up this anymore, it is not possible. They realize that they have to go with this change but of course will try to implement their usual power and control in order to satisfy their greed...
So, I am not saying that this year will be the year of all the solutions but it will be a strong push towards this direction.

There are recordings of the sounds of the planets. Tune into the sound of Jupiter, it is actually very beneficial in order to adjust to the new vibration. Also the physical body can adept easier...

(C.RA: I found a recording on YouTube, just go to this link. I used it already in my meditation, fascinating!)

On likely events
Africa will be burning. I see several Volcanoes erupting, especially Senegal is a hot spot. This part of the Planet will be extremely shaken up. The ongoing wars on this continent will begin to cease, all attention will have to go into dealing with these natural events.
Like I said before, volcanic activity also in other parts of the world will increase. A strong likelihood that this occurs also in Alaska. A possibly huge eruption will trigger tsunamis that will reach other continents. Russia is in the front line here but also smaller islands will be very affected. Hawaii for instance is very vulnerable to this event.
Migration of people will be immense during this year and evacuations from smaller islands will happen due to Tsunami risks and volcanic activity.

I see at least one magnitude 7 earthquake in NZ, most likely in the Canterbury area triggered by the rupture of the Alpine fault line, causing a chain reaction into the other faults. It will be like a Deja-vu for the people, meaning the whole process starts all over again. So I see tens of thousands more people leaving the area, many also for Australia.

I also see some bigger shakes in the Auckland region, volcanoes in the area will be activated and possibly lead to precautionary evacuations, at least temporarily.
Increasing UFO sightings, not just in NZ but pretty significant in NZ. Also a strong likelihood of some direct contact with your 'space brothers'...
It's very likely that a big sea quake will generate a tsunami reaching parts of NZ east coast of both islands. From the lower South island stretching out until the Hawkes Bay region. Wellington Harbor also can expect some damage from that, flooding in low lying areas like Petone but no major destruction likely.

I see at least 3 damaging earthquakes happening in Japan, high lightening even more the vulnerability of the nuclear power plants. Fukushima was a starting point towards high lightening that these power sources are not safe. This will will be another input so that the people of Japan truly stand up for themselves and demand what they want and what not.
I also see at least one significant volcanic eruption, it looks like on one of the smaller islands in the South. I see evacuations and the ash cloud will also effect parts of the mainland, more the southern part. Because the ash cloud will travel up very high it will be blown into neighboring countries as well...
Coming back to Fukushima... the sea pollution will increase quite dramatically and other countries in the Pacific will have to deal with significant pollution as well. So the effect on other countries will become more and more obvious throughout this year and that will also show again that a disaster like this is never just a local problem.
This will create another strong push towards abandoning nuclear power, not just in Japan.
Within Japan it won't be possible anymore to ignore or downplay the health risks for other prefectures. And this will lead to a change in direction on how to deal with the disaster, covering the whole plant in cement like in Chernobyl.
The greatest threat as I said before is coming from the sea pollution and to resolve this will require some quite ingenious technology that is not yet available.
The incineration of contaminated rubbish in other prefectures is a sign that the government feels helpless on how to deal with the magnitude of the disaster, they don't see any other way. And the low level radiation emitted is in their view no health risk at all... what of course is far from the truth.
Every district should install its own measuring devices and the readings should be available to the public on a constant basis, readings of the air but also of the water so that everyone can accordingly deal with it. Demand from your council to make an effort towards that direction and teach them to work for you, openly.
To do this is another step towards empowerment for the people of Japan...

On money
There will be a major rearrangement process in the monetary system, creating upheaval over a period of four to eight weeks. During this time the value of most currencies will drop, for most about forty percent.
New Zealand here is on the 'lighter' end with a value drop just around twenty percent over this period.
It's possible that there will be temporarily restrictions on how much you can take off your bank account.

So if you think about to make any bigger purchase during this year then do this sooner than later, as long as your money still has good buying power.
And if you have some spare money it's better to invest in precious metals than for instance property...

On personnel & spiritual development
There is a significance in the number 12, it is the number of completion. So this is a year offering to everybody on the planet to find completion in areas where there hasn't been one in ones' personal life. Wherever you see 'loose ends', something is still pending what needs to be completed, finalized, this is the year to create completion.
For instance if you have a unfinished project, unresolved difficulties and conflicts with other people etc., this is the year to finalize it, to complete that.
In addition it is not a year to start many new things, not at all. Whoever tries to do so will have to face big hurdles,
it is not supported. Look what is already in your life and what is not completed yet, put your energy towards this direction.
Also let's say you are facing a particular difficulty in your life again and again, for instance you always come into the same problems with people, you easily feel offended, you shut down... even you developed some awareness around this pattern already it still has a hold on you. You might already see when you started this as a child, what triggered it etc. but still you are reacting from the same place...
Bring your focus into it to finally resolve that, to complete that so it can go. Only what is completed goes and then the new can arise. It is very worthwhile that everybody looks into what kind of issues are already half resolved, are not finished yet and put conscious effort into the direction of completion.

The body needs to be trained to be able to cope well with extremes. Some examples: Sudden changes from cold to warm and vice versa, the ability to be quickly in a very active place and also the ability to quickly be passive, relaxed.
Long walks, fast running or other good amount of physical exercise is required.
Also the ability to deal with unhealthy low nutrition foods is important. Start with training the body to sudden temperature changes as this will already increase it's ability to eliminate toxins much faster so they don't stay in the system for long. This also increases the body's ability to make the most from low nutrition foods.
So now and again consciously eat some unhealthy food. Don't try to protect the body from all these influences but make the body capable to deal with it.
In addition make sure that the body has at least half an hour straight sunlight, even if it is cloudy the sun rays are penetrating. This is significant because the vibration of the sun helps towards the ability of the body to cope with sudden changes and it also has quite a significant influence on changes in the DNA.
The DNA of humankind is expanding, meaning the different strands which have not been activated yet are going to be activated more and more...
Again the number 12 is of significance here as the vibration throughout this year has the potential to activate 12 DNA strands. This does not mean that all of them will function fully but they are going to be activated. You will feel it.
Again, the sun is the main activator.
Old patterns who have led into suppressing aspects of oneself can open up now easy. Quite regularly this can show in sudden outbursts of energy. Now when you have this experience then it is important to see it in this context, then you don't have to step into fear. It is a bit like someone would experience a surge of sudden Kundalini energy... any old control mechanisms are not working anymore and pure life force is flowing. This will increase throughout this year.
To some extent this will be experienced by everyone but to what degree depends of course on ones individual state of awareness. Let's say someone has only 3 DNA strands fully activated so far. Even as all 12 strands will experience an activation only the 4. and 5. strand will come really to life in addition.

Sometimes you will experience an immense flow of energy. And sometimes you will feel extremely drained. Sometimes you will feel extremely creative, active, insightful and in other times you feel incredibly dull and stuck.
Now to help oneself in this process the ability to give in, in other words to surrender, is very crucial. Once you put up resistance to one experience or the other, you create immense blockages in that natural process and make it very difficult for yourself.
So let's say you feel incredibly energetic then don't pressure yourself into being passive, go with it as long as the energy lasts. Also don't push yourself to be energetic when you don't feel like it.

The most important attitude is actually "I am on a roller-coaster and I accept it."

I want to stress that mediation is an even more significant tool now to support oneself. Either 6 am or around midnight are the best times to do this for at least 1/2 hour. The key word again is surrender, just surrender to what is right now, no matter what.

In the greater picture of humanity these DNA activations also lead in the short term to more outbursts of aggression and violence. So don't be surprised when the level of violence, of conflict will increase throughout this year. On one hand it has to do with the DNA changes, on the other hand also unresolved conflicts are heading towards completion. So these factors are playing together, it's interwoven.

There is a 'fine line' between being aggressive and being violent/destructive.
Only the ones who buy into the energy field of violence are in the game of violence. I will explain it better.
When you feel an aggressive energy that wants to come out of you do not try to suppress it. Go with it. When you do that then you are at the same time protected from energy of violence coming towards you.
It's a bit of a paradox here... but in other words people who are not willing to go with the energy changes are the most prone to act violently and also to attract violence from others.
To be clear, your aggressive expression does not mean that it triggers violence in return. Only if you over step 'the fine line' and you become violent, if it's verbally or physically, then you are in the field of violence.
Let's say you are angry about someone and you voice that very strongly. If you don't step into putting the other person down, verbally abuse him/her, then you do not step into verbal violence and you are not in that field.

Your willingness, your ability to surrender to the changes in the way how I pointed out is also at the same time the safe haven where you don't have to experience any violence coming towards you. Because you walk with the energy that is provided. It's like you walk in an energy field that is now part of the greater reality and in this energy field you are safe.

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