Journey into the Soul

Chris-Tian RA created this Seminar to enable you to experience the unlimited,
ever existing Soul that you are…

An unforgettable, life changing experience that can give you guidance and direction throughout your entire human life.

The nature of the Soul is bliss, joy, love, simplicity, peace and wisdom, qualities that are widely missed in the human experience.
In remembering and touching on the essence you are, all aspects in your human life come into perspective, enabling you to let go of illusions, limiting beliefs and conditioning so that the true purpose of your existence becomes clearer and clearer...

A main part in the Seminar will be the experience of the unique meditations given to Chris-Tian RA by Enlightened Beings
(THE MASTERS OF THE PYRAMIDS) for your Awakening, accompanied by special music.

The Teachings from the Masters for the group directly channelled by Chris-Tian RA will provide another precious experience for you.
You will learn and share in an environment rich on Light, Joy and Laughter!


Transform your Fears and live your full potential               

Most people are unable to live their full potential, because their life decisions are based on a variety
of limiting fears, often even without being aware of it.
This transformational Seminar will allow you to become aware of the underlying root fear in order to release it.

Muram`s guidance and the Meditations given to Chris-Tian RA by Enlightened Beings (The Masters of the Pyramids), will be a main part in the process.

  Be invited to experience empowerment
  and the freedom to choose the life
  you truly want to live!

Talk & Meditation






A Fearless Heart

The ‘voice' of the Heart is often difficult to recognize and to follow, because most people’s Heart is not fully open for various reasons. 

Fear is the most common restricting energy, hindering the Heart to expand and to blossom.

Besides fears inherited by personal experiences, often over several life times, our societies are full on fear inducing events and messages.

With the help of MURAM (Chris-Tian RA's Spirit Guide) each participant will find out what root  fear restriction he/she carries.
You will also learn why the energy of fear is so predominant in the human experience and how you can stay free from its influence.

You will experience special Heart opening Meditations and the Group Healing session to liberate and energise your Heart.

A life changing Event awaits you...                                                                                                7 hour Event





In his 2018 message, my guide MURAM pointed out the significance of letting go throughout this year and beyond. Letting go of old patterns, mindsets, beliefs, behaviours and circumstances which don’t serve us anymore and create just a hindrance in our life.

With the help of MURAM you will become aware what is the most significant at present for you to let go.
'He' will also give advice on what practical steps might be necessary to take, in order to liberate yourself from the old burden.

Once each participant has received MURAM'S insight, you will experience the guided Letting Go Meditation, reaching any sub-conscious restriction that still might be with you.

At the end of the Seminar I will give a Group Healing session so that the new awareness will be fully integrated.

6 hour Event


Group Healing and Meditation

Participating in this lightful event will strengthen your Soul Awareness, allowing you to let go of old restrictions and limiting beliefs.

THE MEDITATIONS we use were given to Chris-Tian RA by Spirit and are a wonderful tool to reconnect with the ever existing Soul that you are.

In the following Group Healing you will receive SPIRAL ENERGY HEALING, a deep acting intuitive Energy work on the higher and lower bodies with the aim of recognising and resolving energy blocks.

The self-healing energies will be activated and your overall life-flow increases.

3 hour Event



Perfect Balance

A Men's Seminar 

To master the Male-Female duality within is a challenge for everyone on this planet. We as the infinite Soul are not bound to gender, but in order to experience ones True Self (Soul) in this dimension a healthy, nurturing relationship between both aspects is fundamental.

Especially Men are often not in harmony with their male and female aspect, social and cultural conditioning can be major restrictions. Either the soft, gentle and flowing pure female vibration is suppressed or the goal orientated, active male aspect is not fully alive. Sometimes past life experiences that are not healed can also lead to dis-harmony…

We will work in this Seminar to find out and heal possible blockages, enabling you to experience a deep sense of wholeness and completion.

Special Meditations, Insights from MURAM (Chris-Tian RA's Guide)
and Spiral Energy Healing
are the tools we use towards Perfect Balance!
6 hour Event

Upcoming Event

Channeled Readings and Spiral Healings



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