Channelled Art

Channelled Art

This beautiful Kaleidoscope was made by the Japanese Artist Koji Yamami ( and was given to Chris-Tian RA by his friend Marika.

Chris-Tian RA had not looked into this Kaleidoscope for a while, until suddenly he felt strongly inspired to find out if it would be possible to capture the beautiful Mandalas with his digital camera. He took some random shots through the tiny opening with astonishing results.

Excited he began to enhance and edit the images on his Computer and gradually the Caleidos sequences were born.
The whole process of creating felt to him like a deep meditation, being guided step by step towards accomplishing this series.

Looking at the images you cannot just see beautiful patterns, but Beings well and truly alive.

Spinning, dancing and swirling to the rhythm of Life…

Caleidos is a limited edition, 100 prints per image only.
Each print is hand signed, the size is A3 (42cm x 30cm).

For more information and interest of purchase just contact Chris-Tian RA, delivery is worldwide.

Besides being a Healer, Chris-Tian RA is also a Graphic/Photo Designer and Artist. His works are motivated by the desire the make the invisible visible and are strongly influenced by his spiritual connection.


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