Quotes of Wisdom from the Masters of the Pyramids

“You are immortal Light Beings as we are, we love to see you in this awareness” 

“To be whole means to be transparent” 

“The conscious connection to Earth gives the body the security it needs” 

“You and Earth affect each other” 

“You are visitors on your planet” 

“True knowledge is always connected with experience” 

“It is the greatest longing of Humankind to be once again connected to All”

“Beginning and End are an illusion” 

“To experience Yourself and Life in its essential form give yourself as much space as possible in silence” 

“Who listens feels – who only hears thinks” 

“Your heart is your true brain” 

“The nature of control is lost trust in the Being-All” 

“To come back to Unity you are the ones who create it, no one else can” 

“Oneness is ever existing, Oneness is just for you to experience” 

“You can only repeat the truth, you cannot make more truth out of the truth” 

“A mature being is a being who is aware of who and what it is” 

“The more you reach for the Light, the more you become aware of Darkness” 

“The more you step out of the illusion of time, the more you close the door to fear” 

“You can feel fear as dense, fearlessness is transparent” 

“When you transform Darkness you gain the deepest trust possible into your own Light and into Creator” 

“The nature of trust is beyond any security” 

“When teachings talk about eliminating Darkness they are Darkness” 

“The human experience without the overwhelming impact of Dark Force would be an experience in complete balance” “

"You could say the nature of Light is truth and the nature of Darkness is illusion” 

“Dark Force is strongly involved in bringing Souls who want to awaken back into their basic fears” 

“It is not very intelligent to see intelligence connected with logic” 

“You are the greatness that lies beyond mind” 

“Your mind field is like a mine field” 

"You are much more than you think”

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