Talk & Meditation

Talk & Meditation
If you are seeking to connect with your essence
and to find deeper meaning in your life

then these Talks are for you!
In each Talk you will also experience one of the
unique Meditations given to Chris-Tian RA
by Enlightened Beings (The Masters of the Pyramids).
There will be also plenty of room for your questions,
comments and discussion.


Awaken to your True Self
Journey into the Soul

Chris-Tian RA will give an understanding on the nature of the Soul and the importance on a personal and global level
to remember and experience the unlimited being you truly are. 

He will share his own experiences on that path and give you practical tools for your journey into the Soul
as well as making you aware of illusions, restricting beliefs and conditioning in the human experience and how to overcome them.

More topics:

Conscious Creating

Everybody is striving to fulfill certain wishes and dreams in their lives.
But not many understand on how to consciously create the life they want to experience.
In this Talk Chris-Tian RA will explain what is necessary to create in unison with the Universe
so that your wishes and dreams can take hold in the physical.
You will also experience a Meditation exercise that will enhance your ability to connect with your creative force.


The Nature of Mind -
the Nature of Soul 

There is a big difference between
experiencing yourself in the state of "mind" or
in the state of Soul.
Chris-Tian RA will make this difference clear
and show you ways to experience yourself beyond mind…


Transform your Fears
and live your full potential

Most people are unable to live their full potential and true passion
because their life decisions are based on a variety of limiting fears,
often even without being aware of it.
Understanding Fear and learning how to consciously deal with it
leads you naturally towards choosing the life you truly want to live!


The Influence of Dark Force on Humanity
and the Nature of Light

Have you ever wondered why there is so much destruction,
suffering and cruelty in this world?
In this talk you find out about the root cause and the ultimate solution
on a personal and a global level!


Realising Your Potential by Overcoming
Limiting Conditioning and Beliefs

Every society, family, group and individual
is conditioned in a particular way.
These conditioning and belief systems
can be extremely limiting in experiencing your True Self.
How to recognise and overcome these limitations
will be the focus in this Talk.


Spirituality and Sexuality

Living your sexuality with awareness
can be a powerful tool for your Awakening into the Soul.
Chris-Tian RA will show you ways on how to create sexuality
that goes far beyond the physical experience.


The True Nature of Healing

Are you interested in Healing or even working as a Healer?
Chris-Tian RA will clarify on what is necessary,
so that Healing truly can take place.
He will talk about his own journey and his learning as a Healer
during the last 35 years.




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